There is an upcoming faculty teaching workshop opportunity this summer, Monday, August 5.  The workshop, which will be a half-day event, is co-sponsored by Academic Affairs and the Center for Collaborative Learning.  It will focus on utilizing effective and creative tools in the classroom, with a particular emphasis on collaborative learning.

Dr. Brad Garner, Ph.D., the Director of Faculty Enrichment at Indiana Wesleyan University, will be serving as our facilitator.  I had the pleasure of attending Dr. Garner’s session at a National Conference on the First Year Experience this semester, which was entitled Teachapalooza 2019: A Festival of Bedazzling Strategies, Tools and Tactics.  It was both inspiring and practical, perfect for relatively new faculty, as well as for more experienced faculty, in learning about a variety of the most effective teaching strategies that can be employed in the classroom.

All faculty are invited to attend the workshop, particularly applicable given our cross-campus focus on collaborative learning.  Dr. Garner’s brief bio is included below, and details about campus workshop location and exact time on August 5 will be forthcoming. 

Brad Garner

Brad Garner serves as Director of Faculty Enrichment in the Center for Learning and Innovation at Indiana Wesleyan University's National & Global Campus. Garner has been actively involved for several years in directing and teaching the first-year seminar on his campus. Currently, he leads faculty enrichment efforts across the entire university. One of his greatest passions is helping faculty learn new and creative ways to teach and engage students.

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