It’s that time of year again to solicit volunteers to judge the final events for the high school outreach program – InSPIRESS.  This semester we have approximately 200+ students from 12 high schools in three states in our program developing a payload to go Saturn’s moon Enceladus! 

From Alabama, we have Good Hope, Muscle Shoals, Phillips, James Clemens, Hazel Green, Sparkman High Schools participating. 

From El Paso, TX we have Clint, Da Vinci, Montwood, Riverside, and Transmountain Early College High Schools participating. 

From North Dakota we have Wyndmere High School participating. 

The Final Review/Open House is scheduled to take place on Friday, May 3rd at the Shelby Center for Science and Technology building on the UAH campus.  Below you will find the details of those events as well as a link to volunteer to serve as a judge.

Unfortunately, because of time overlaps, you cannot volunteer to be both judges on the same date, so you will have to choose one event to participate in this semester. Please forward this to anyone else you think might be interested in volunteering. Thanks again for all of your support throughout the years. Without folks like you our program would not be the success that it is!

Event 1:  Final Review – student teams have 25 minutes to provide you with a presentation on their final design and the activities they undertook over the semester to develop this payload.  They also have to provide a summary of the community engagement activity events that they performed.  Judges receive 10 minutes to ask questions of the student teams.  This event lasts from 8:00-12:00 on the 3rd.  You are required to be here for the entire 4 hours to be a judge for this event.

Event 2: Open House Poster Session – student teams will have a poster display explaining their payload design and community engagement activity events that they conducted during the semester.  Judges evaluate a maximum of 4 teams by visiting each of high school team display areas and discussing the activities.  This event last from 9:00-12:00 with a judge needing to stay approximately 45 minutes to an hour to see all of the teams.

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