Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama is warning customers about a nationwide robocall scam.  The calls falsely claim to be made by “Blue Cross Blue Shield”. They appear to be made for the purpose of marketing insurance products by using the Blue Cross and Blue Shield brands and coincide with enrollment periods for Medicare and the Federal Employee Program.

The robocallers’ identity is masked by “spoofing” technology making it extremely difficult to identify the source and take action to stop the calls. Additionally, this technology allows for the same calls to appear to come from different phone numbers, which prevents consumers from effectively blocking them.

These robocalls are not originating from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama, and they are taking every step available to minimize confusion with their customers. Please be vigilant, to protect your personal information, and guard against providing personal information during calls that claim to be from Blue Cross.

If you suspect fraudulent behavior, please take down the following information and report to UAH Human Resources at

  • Date and time of contact
  • Means of contact (phone number, email address, etc.)
  • Name of person who called (this name will likely be a fake name, but could be valuable information)
  • Details of the interaction with the potential scammer

Thanks for your attention to this matter.

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