Postretirement Information 

The passage of Act 2014-297 requires that all ERS and TRS retirees, regardless of position in the agency, and ERS and TRS agencies notify the RSA of any postretirement employment with an agency participating in either the ERS or TRS. 

A retiree employed with a TRS or ERS member agency may continue to receive full retirement benefits provided the retired member meets both of the following conditions:

  1. The retiree must not be employed or under contract for permanent, full-time employment. 
  2. The retiree’s salary cannot exceed the limitation on earnings. The limits are subject to change each year based upon the Consumer Price Index (CPI). The limit for the 2019 calendar year is $31,000. 

If a retiree’s earnings exceed the annual limitation on earnings, the retirement benefit is subject to suspension for the remainder of the calendar year. 

Off-Site Counseling Appointments 

Are you thinking of retiring? If you are within three years of retirement, an individual counseling appointment will provide many important answers to your retirement questions. Please view the 2019 appointment schedule to see when a counselor will be in your area. 

Alabama Success Stories 

Did you miss the November Advisor? If so, please read “Alabama Black Belt Adventures Celebrates Long, Successful Relationship with Raycom Media.” This article is the second in a series of articles about Alabama Success Stories. Please let us know if you have a similar success story you would like to share with the RSA membership. You may contact us at 

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