Effective Monday, October 29th at 7:30 AM

The G-8 Lot, located north of and adjacent to FFH and NCH, will be closed on Monday morning in preparation for the construction of the Morton Hall Expansion.  Residents with vehicles currently parked in the G-8 Lot must relocate them to Lots G-10, G-11, or G-13 by Sunday evening October 28th. Approximately half of G-10 will be adjusted and re-zoned to accommodate displaced residents.  Please see the attached parking map for the location of the newly re-zoned resident spaces in G-10. Commuters, Faculty and Staff should be particularly mindful of this adjustment in G-10 to avoid a violation for “Parking Out of Zone”.

The new surface lot, located directly across Ben Graves Drive from Roberts Hall, has been designated Lot G-16 and will be open Monday morning to Commuters, Faculty and Staff ONLY! 

Direct your questions to parking@uah.edu

Updated UAH Campus Parking Map

To submit an announcement, contact omc@uah.edu.
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