Academic Affairs is pleased to announce a call for nominations for the honorific title of Distinguished Professor. This honor is conferred on those individuals who have demonstrated:  

  1. Accomplishments bringing great credit to the university through numerous achievements and extensive peer recognition in the faculty member's professional or academic field.
  2. Noteworthy academic service to the university through outstanding performance in teaching, and/or research and creative activities, and/or professional practice.
  3. International recognition for scholarly contribution to the individual's chosen profession.
  4. Outstanding performance of service associated with the individual's professional position.
  5. Unstinting dedication to standards of excellence in all endeavors.
  6. Exemplary character and integrity reflecting great honor upon the university.
  7. It is recognized that variations in this title may be used for a campus to denote specific functions such as "Distinguished Research Professor or Distinguished Service Professor."

The nomination for Distinguished Professor must come from a college or an administrator after a review by the nominee’s college. A letter of nomination plus a current curriculum vitae, three letters of references from outside reviewers, and letters of support from the candidate’s dean and department chair (if applicable) must be sent to the Provost. The Provost will review the nominations and submit the nomination(s) with her recommendation to the Honorary Degrees and Naming Committee, which she chairs. The Honorary Degrees and Naming Committee will review the nomination(s) and make appropriate recommendation(s) to the President.

Please nominate faculty members you feel embody and truly exhibit the characteristics described above. Nominations should be submitted to no later than November 1, 2018.               .

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