With the beginning of the fall semester, there will be a few noticeable parking zone changes that were summarized in the Parking Enhancement and Updates message distributed on June 12, 2018.The most impactful for those of you with offices and classrooms in the southern portion of the campus will be the immediate rezoning of the W-29 Lot from Faculty/Staff & Commuter to Charger Village Residents Only.  This rezoning is being implemented with the safety and security of the students being paramount.  Resident students of Charger Village will be able to utilize the well-lighted Greenway and paved sidewalks to travel to and from their parked vehicles.  

We have designated the new W-28 Lot, south of the MSB, for Faculty, Staff & Commuters.   Faculty and staff working in the VBH and Engineering Building may also continue using the F/S portion of the W-34 Lot in front of the VBH and the W-30 Lot located south of the VBH.

On the north side of the campus, a new 182 space surface lot is expected to be completed by October 1st. and will be designated G-12 for Faculty, Staff & Commuters.  It will be constructed adjacent to the current G-12 F/S lot directly across the street from Roberts Hall. (See map for the location of this lot) Once the G-12 addition is completed, the G-7 and G-8 Lots will be closed to accommodate the Morton Hall construction projects.  Faculty and staff displaced from the G-7 Lot will be able to park in a newly established F/S section of the G-9 Lot in the area directly in front of the CTC or any other areas in which a Faculty/Staff permit is valid.  Student residents displaced from the G-8 Lot will relocate to additional rezoned “Resident Only” areas of the current G-10 Lot.  

Please see the updated campus map for parking zone details.  Should you have questions about this pending rezoning, please contact the Parking Management Office at parking@uah.edu . 

To submit an announcement, contact omc@uah.edu.
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