The new 2018-2019 parking hangtags have arrived and will be ready for pick-up at the Parking Management Office on Monday, July 16th. Those individuals who requested their hangtag be mailed should begin to see them by Friday, July 20th going forward as the permits are processed by the Parking Management Office.

I encourage you to go online now via, pay your parking fees for 2018-2019, and register your vehicle(s).  Some of you who ordered and received multiple hangtags last year will notice that you are now restricted to just one using the online system.   This is due to an added fail safe feature newly integrated into the system that prevents multiple “online” orders.  This measure was put into place after multiple hangtag orders were allowed last year and we discovered some employees gave the extra F/S hangtags to their children, spouses, and friends who are registered students. This is a violation of the parking regulations. Students must park in the appropriate lots and are not allowed to park in any Faculty/Staff spaces on campus during the hours when zone parking is in effect. 

If you are an employee who changes vehicles from time to time, remember your hangtag is registered to you and can be moved from vehicle to vehicle as needed. You should identify and enter the vehicles you regularly drive during the registration process and add or delete vehicles as changes are made throughout the year via If your spouse is an employee, they must register for their own F/S hangtag while indicating the vehicle(s) they may be driving. If you have a child or spouse who is a student and commutes to campus, they must have a Commuter hangtag. Resident students are issued the hangtag associated with their residence hall parking lot.  

If you legitimately require more than one F/S hangtag, you may come into the Parking Management Office during normal business hours Monday-Friday and complete the registration process necessary to receive the additional permit(s). The Parking Management Office will check the database to verify that no unauthorized individuals are associated with your additional F/S hangtag(s).  

Should you have questions about the online registration process, please contact the Parking Management Office at or call them at 256-824-6594.  

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