Please see the updated dates below regarding the temporary closure of parking lot G9.

To accommodate the construction of Altenkirch Lawn “Greenway” Phase IV, UAH Facilities & Operations has scheduled construction activity at the entrance to the Conference Training Center and Parking Lot G9 through October 26, 2022. This construction effort will accommodate continual access to the Conference Training Center while restricting access to Parking Lot G9.

Parking Lot G9 is identified as a “Commuter & Faculty/Staff” parking area. If possible, we encourage all persons who typically park in this lot to consider an alternate location during this temporary closure. Alternate parking locations for “Commuter & Faculty/Staff” parking areas can be identified on the UAH Campus Parking Map and include Parking Lots W27, W28, W29, & W30 which typically have higher vacancy rates.

During heavy construction activity in Parking Lot G9, the Department of Facilities & Operations will continue to offer a temporary shuttle service to provide transportation from Parking Lot W28 to Parking Lot G9. The shuttle will run on Monday through Thursday from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. The service will run from October 13, 2022 through October 19, 2022. The intent is for the shuttle to provide a round trip every 15 minutes. Drop-off locations will be marked with signage in Parking Lots W28 and G9. In Parking Lot W28, the stop location will be at the east side of the lot near John Wright Drive. In Parking Lot G9, the stop location will be at the south side of the lot near the crosswalk. 

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