We are pleased to announce the first call for Initial Project Proposals for the RCEU 2022 Program. The solicitation and administrative documents are found at the link below.


Solicitation —> instructions for the initial proposals

Template —> template to prepare the initial proposals (strongly recommended)

Overview —> brief description of the Program

Guide —> full description of the Program

Handbook —> full instructions for initial and final proposals

Timeline —> proposed timeline for this year

This year, we are strongly recommending that all proposals be prepared according to a template that is provided in the documents folder. Also, you will not be required to prepare a Contingency Plan for the initial proposal, but you may be required to prepare one at any point should the situation demand.

The submission portal is found at the link below.


We will send a complimentary notice to all UAH undergraduate students. We are especially interested in encouraging them to start discussions now with faculty, research staff, and librarians on the potential to develop student-initiated projects.

Deadline: We have set a tentative deadline for Friday, October 15, to collect the initial proposals.

We look forward to your participation in the RCEU 2022 Program.

Please direct your questions about the solicitation to Susan.Alexander@UAH.edu.

To submit an announcement, contact omc@uah.edu.
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