The Faculty Staff Clinic and the Student Health Center are working diligently to keep faculty, staff, and students as safe as possible during this trying time.  With that in mind, the clinics have set up a process for triage of patients who are coming in with complaints of respiratory and/or flu-like symptoms.

We are meeting patients in the lobby of Wilson Hall and testing them outside under the awning since we do not have any negative pressure exam rooms. This is similar to what other clinics and health care facilities are doing.

The clinic staff will be in protective gear to protect themselves and reduce any transmission.  The clinics have also set up a "well' waiting room and a "sick" waiting room, again to reduce any transmission.

Please do not be concerned if you see the clinic staff in personal protective equipment (PPE).  If you need access to Wilson Hall for reasons other than the clinics please use the other available entrances.  

Thank you for your understanding as we strive to keep the campus safe and healthy!

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