chinenye sunny odio

The College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, the Department of Philosophy, and the Department of Psychology would like to congratulate Chinenye Sunny-Odio (‘23 B.A. Psychology and Philosophy, Pre-Law Certificate) for her acceptance and scholarship into The University of California, Berkeley School of Law.  

Sunny graduated this past spring term with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy and Psychology. She minored in English and completed the Pre-Law Certificate. Achieving a 3.9 GPA and excellent LSAT, Sunny received several scholarship offers from top law schools. Her current award from Berkeley is $135,000 for all three years.  Sunny credits the strong undergraduate foundation for potential success in law school. 

“Being an arts and humanities major helped me, especially when preparing for the LSAT, because close reading is integral to most CAHS projects and an essential feature of the LSAT reading and comprehension section. I suspect this close reading skill will be especially helpful because my law school advisors have shared how reading-intensive law school is. There is a logic section on the LSAT, and the introduction to logic class was quite helpful as it provided general insight into logic terms and how they function.”

In addition to being active within the college community as an Ambassador and Lancer, Sunny believes that her time at the Student Success Center as a PASS Leader will also be helpful.

“I think being a PASS leader and ambassador has prepared me for the socialization and public speaking aspect of law school because I believe many law school classes will employ the Socratic method, and a law student will need to be somewhat comfortable speaking to the whole class. Being a PASS leader has also taught me valuable lessons and skills involved in curating proper study methods.” 

Sunny hopes to use her law degree to help provide legal aid to minority women and children, specifically through practicing family law. 

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