Cassie Fennell with Book

UAH History Department alumna, Dr. Whitney Snow

Photo Credit Dr. Whitney Snow

UAH History Department alumna, Dr. Whitney Snow, has published a new book. Dr. Snow earned her BA ('06) and MA ('08) in history from UAH and her Ph.D. from Mississippi State University. Currently, she is an Associate Professor at Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, Texas.

Her latest book, The Civil War Diaries of Cassie Fennell: A Young Confederate Woman in North Alabama, 1859-1865 (University of Tennessee Press, 2020) looks at the diaries of Catherine (Cassie) Fennell, a Guntersville, Alabama native who was nineteen at the Civil War's outbreak. Her diaries open at the female academy in Washington, D.C., and discuss her civilian experiences in the Alabama and Tennessee Valley.

Fennell was well off, well educated, and well-placed in society. Her diaries offer one of the few contemporary records of north Alabama during this period. Insightful and engrossing, The Civil War Diaries of Cassie Fennell is a compelling portrait of a privileged young woman who suffered devastating losses for her ardent support of a Confederate nation.

The History Department wishes to congratulate Dr. Whitney Snow on her publication. 

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