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Student Academic Placement Information 

Who needs World Language Placement?

Students should take a placement exam if they have studied a language previously below the university or Advanced Placement level, or if they have learned a language at home and now plan to take a world language course to satisfy a requirement or to begin a major, minor, or certificate in that language. Please note that native and heritage speakers are not allowed to take WLC 101, 102, 201, or 202 in their native or heritage language except in rare cases by special permission. Native speakers are individuals who have had formal schooling (such as middle or high school) in the language, while heritage speakers are individuals who have learned a language in their family, but who have had little or no formal instruction.

The WebCAPE placement exams for French, German, Russian, and Spanish are available online at the following links. Each exam costs $10, payable to the website by card. Your scores will be forwarded to the Department of World Languages and Cultures, and you may also contact the department chair at for assistance or advice. For Japanese or Arabic placement, please contact the Department of World Languages and Cultures for assistance at

Please note that no credit is awarded based solely on WebCAPE exam scores. The placement exam is used to determine the best course level for students who have previous language study or experience. Students who enroll in a WLC major, minor, or certificate program are eligible to receive up to 6 credit hours for courses they place out of, but only after completing a higher level course. See the WLC section of the UAH catalog for more information.

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