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Student Information and Opportunities

The Women's and Gender Studies Program offers many extracurricular opportunities for all UAH students, not just those completing the Women's and Gender Studies minor. Our goal is to enable students to cultivate leadership skills and to engage in social activism, to travel to conferences and workshops, and to cultivate their writing and creative abilities through several contests and awards. We also offer and provide information about a range of merit-based and need-based scholarships, including several geared specifically to non-traditional students who are supporting families. Our Women's and Gender Studies Resource Center offers guidance to students as they near graduation; it features several brochures with information about careers that students of Women's and Gender Studies can pursue after they complete their studies at UAH.

If you have any questions about student opportunities and scholarships, please contact the Women's and Gender Studies Program Office at 256-824-6190 or wgs@uah.edu.