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For a product to develop a positive user experience, it must meet actual users’ needs, help users fulfill their goals, provide a usable interface, and evoke positive emotions. In the past two decades, UX has become increasingly central to business operations. According to Forbes, “UX is revolutionizing pretty much every business today. In fact, UX is fast becoming the defining strategy of every company.”

UX researchers conduct observations, interviews, surveys, and focus groups and collect metrics on product use in order to determine user needs and their engagement with the product. They design product prototypes and test new and existing products to measure how users engage them.

UX professionals help meet the needs in a growing need of the technology industry in Huntsville. The average salary for a User Experience Designer in Huntsville is $69,686 (Glassdoor, 2020) 

User Experience changed my life and gave me purpose. I always wanted to help people, but I didn't want my job to be emotionally draining. Then I was introduced to UX where I can help millions of individuals with research and design. Now I work for one of the largest aerospace companies in the US where I get to help our nation and military become a safer place for everyone while doing a job I not only enjoy, but love.

Carlie Ford
MBA with User Experience Graduate Certificate
 Student spotlight

Pattie Chamblee

Current MA Professional Communication

My co-op position on ADTRAN’s UX team was an amazing opportunity that gave me invaluable experience in the UX field. I worked directly with local professionals and came to understand the benefits and the challenges of working in UX. The co-op also head-started my career before graduation, which improved both my resume and marketability.