Film and Media Arts

Film & Media Arts (FMA)

UAH's Film and Media Arts minor offers a variety of subjects for students interested in video and media production technologies, including live event and broadcast studio production. The program is flexible in its structure, allowing students to engage in courses that combine skills and interests, such as sound and music technology or animation, with video production remaining the core focus. The combination of both production and film studies allows students to get certification in a variety of production roles. 

Who can take classes in Film & Media Arts? 

It is open to ALL students! The courses with FMA can help expand the resume of students within communication arts, theatre, music, studio art, animation and marketing. It can also be of interest to engineering students want to take video production because they are interested in the technology and see it as a marketable skill. We also invite education majors, who are interested because they understand the need for video skills to connect and teach their future students.

What are the class options for the Film and Media Arts Minor?
FMA 123 Intro to Film Studies 3
FMA 210 Writing for Visual Media 3
FMA 260 Video Production 3
FMA 334 History of American Cinema 3
FMA 431 Video Capstone 3
FMA 315 Live Sound 3
FMA 340 Special Topics 3
FMA 360 Video Production II 3
FMA 401 Internship in Video 3
MU 305 Music Technology III 3

For a full list of Film and Media Arts courses, visit the UAH Catalog.


Future filmmakers learn that success starts with communication
Program Spotlight

Future filmmakers learn that success starts with communication

Dr. Joseph Watson, assistant professor in Theatre, recently traveled to the Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans to complete filming on his upcoming documentary "Jazzland: Present Yet Absent.".


Dr. Joey Watson, Assistant Professor of Theatre