juror selection

The Social Psychology and Assessment of Criminal Evaluations (SPACE) Lab produces research at the intersection of psychology and law with clear applications for clinical practitioners, legal actors, and law enforcement agencies. One branch of research examines how the diverse demographics and personality traits of those involved in the criminal system (e.g., defendants, jurors, lawyers) leads to bias and unjust outcomes for defendants (e.g., verdicts, plea options). A second branch of research concerns how biases impact criminal responsibility evaluations and pleas (i.e., "the insanity defense"). Finally, a third branch of research focuses on the perception of, and risk factors for, violent acts (e.g., violent crime, terrorism), with an emphasis on individual difference (e.g., personality, demographic) and clinical (e.g., severe mental illness) variables.  For questions about the SPACE Lab, please contact Dr. Lauren Meaux at lauren.meaux@uah.edu 

Dr. Meaux is accepting undergraduate students for the 2023-2024 year. Apply here.