Leadership and Organizational Behavior Lab (LOBLab)

As a branch between theory and research, the LOBLab is a dedicated space for questions, research and concepts on leadership, organizational learning and systemic interventions both on the macro and micro level. We pose challenging questions on leadership topics in context of organizational development with the motto: From theory and experimental design to practice. The focus is on the theoretical foundation of concepts for organizations and practice.

The LOBLab conducts experimental research physically or digitally to study leadership abilities and human behavior on the individual, team or organizational level. 

  • Research topics that we are investigating at the individual and team level include leadership (collocated vs. distributed), leadership development and coaching, communication behavior, team effectiveness and team cognition.
  • Research topics that we are investigating at the organizational level include leading organizational and cultural change, organizational structure, organizational learning, organizational effectiveness and alignment.

 The activities of the LOBLab also focus on ideas and impulses from various disciplines, business practices and our clients.

  • Develop, test and publish new concepts and instruments for the practice of organizational development and systemic interventions.
  • Make new knowledge and new ideas available to the "community" in publications, workshops and direct consulting practice.
  • Creating networks and reflecting daily practice with managers and leaders in order to generate valuable impulses for further development.
Our Facility

Located in Conference Training Center, Room 010, the LOBLab houses two independent research spaces. The lab spaces are flexible and can be used for various functions. For instance, the large room can be used for individual, group, observation and experimental studies or for client centered seminars, and workshops. Equipment is available to record observations, interactions and communication behaviors, and to facilitate workshops. 

  • The lab can comfortably seat up to 7 participants on computer stations, and an experimental group of up to 6 simultaneously.
  • For workshops the space can facilitate up to 15 people comfortably


Dr. Kristin Weger


Phone: 256.824.2637