Unlock Your Potential with an Interdisciplinary Degree That Offers Flexibility.

Designed for students who value following an interdisciplinary methodology that provides them the flexibility to explore and discover their professional and personal interests. Coursework places priority on interdisciplinary studies, critical analysis, oral and written communication, ethics, and teamwork. It allows students to fulfill general education credits, study relevant topics, develop versatile skill sets, and prepare for a wide range of career options.

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Build a Personalized Curriculum that meets your needs.

Take a multidisciplinary approach to education by combining study of the arts, biological and physical sciences, social sciences, and the humanities, along with:

  • Design a unique degree plan to meet your evolving interests
  • Explore your interest while preparing for a variety of career pathways
  • Enhance oral and written communication abilities
  • Make connections between different subjects and disciplines
  • Develop a broad-based educational foundation without committing to a major field of study
  • Foster positive, effective motivation capabilities

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Bachelor of Arts/Science in Professional Studies

Program of Study — General Studies Concentration (120 hours)**

AGSC Area   Hours
I Freshman Composition 3-6
II1 Fine Arts 3
  Humanities (literature) 3
  Humanities (literature or non-literature) 3
  Humanities/Fine Arts 3
III Mathematics 3-4
  Natural Sciences (lab) 8
IV1 History 3
  Social & Behavioral Sciences (non-history) 6
   History/SBS 3
  1Take either 1 EH (Literature) + 2 HY (History) or 2 EH (Literature) + 1 HY (History). Take no more than six hours in a single discipline in Area II or Area IV.  
  Choose any course at any level, not required to be major-related.  
  2Up to 34 hours technical credit may be accepted as electives.  
PRO 301 Theories and Practices of Adult Learning (waived w/permission) 7 week term 3
PRO 310 Academic Writing for Professional Studies 7 week term 3
PRO 320 Interdisciplinary Perspectives & Critical Thinking 7 week term 3
PRO 325 Interdisciplinary Research & Applications 7 week term 3
PRO 498 Inquiry & Learning 10 week term 3
PRO 499 Capstone Experience: Research Thesis/Project Full term 3
  *Interdisciplinary core courses (PRO 310, 320, 325, 498, and/or 499) may be substituted with appropriate coursework with special permission.    
  Approved field of study with a minimum of 18 credit hours of related coursework; or successful completion of a UAH approved minor with a minimum of 18 credit hours of related coursework.  
  2Up to 34 hours technical credit may be accepted as electives.  
  12 credit hours of approved supplemental coursework.  
  2Up to 34 hours technical credit may be accepted as electives.  

**A minimum of 36 of the 120 credit hours must be taken at the 300 level or higher; 6 credit hours must be taken at the 400 level. Requirements may vary on select minors.

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