Explore concentrations that prepare you for numerous occupations.

bps leadership iconLeadership Strategies & Dynamics

Focus on the nature of leadership in a variety of settings and prepare for leadership responsibility in the community and in your selected profession. Explore theories of motivation, leadership styles, organizational and group behavior, professional ethics, communication, human resources, and/or budgeting.

bps techsciencesociety iconTechnology, Science & Society

Take an interdisciplinary approach to explore the significance, challenges, and effects that science and technology present to society. Incorporate technical scientific knowledge with analytical thinking from a social perspective. Understand the technical, historical, and social dimensions of science and technology.

bps orgstudies iconOrganizational Studies

Acquire an understanding of human behavior in groups, organizations, and larger systems. Focus on business and humanities/social sciences. The in-depth curriculum will include organizational theory and behavior, professional ethics, management, information systems, individual and group dynamics, and communication.

bps genstudies iconGeneral Studies

Designed for students who value following an interdisciplinary methodology that provides the flexibility to explore professional and personal interests. Coursework places priority on interdisciplinary studies, critical analysis, oral and written communication, ethics, and teamwork. Fulfill general education requirements, study relevant topics, develop versatile skill sets, and prepare for a wide range of careers.

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