Bachelor of Arts in Music (BA)

The Department of Music curriculum is designed to provide students with knowledge of their musical heritage and the great masterworks of music literature. Additionally, a foundation in theoretical studies and musical skills allows students to understand and appreciate music in an intellectual manner. Performance experience develops technical skills and artistic sensitivity. All of the department's programs are based in the liberal arts in the belief that a broad, general education is an appropriate preparation for both the well-rounded musician and the educated individual.

Students pursuing a music degree at UAH must complete the Music Core and one or more of the emphases below. The music core is a classical-based degree in music. This means that all music majors, regardless of emphasis, must have a primary "instrument" from the "classical music" world, i.e., voice, piano, organ, classical guitar, or a traditional band or orchestral instrument. The course of study includes ensemble and solo performance on the primary instrument. Additionally, students in any music emphasis other than music education must complete the Liberal Arts General Education Requirements.

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Liberal Arts

The Liberal Arts emphasis allows for a traditional liberal arts education, with a minor or second major in another field. This can also be used for a second degree, with an earlier non-music degree serving as the "second major."

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Music Performance

The emphasis in Music Performance offers additional in-depth music instruction focused on traditional performance skills.

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The Jazz emphasis offers additional instruction in jazz theory, jazz history, and jazz performance. This is in addition to the traditional music instruction in the Music Core. This means that students in the Jazz emphasis must also have a classical-based primary instrument.

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Music Technology

The emphasis in Music Technology incorporates computer technology into the curriculum, giving students the opportunity to combine interests in music, computers, and engineering. This is in addition to the traditional music instruction in the Music Core. This means that students in the Music Technology emphasis must also have a classical-based primary instrument, and must perform in ensembles and solo recitals.

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Music Business

The Music Business emphasis is designed for students who want to work in either the for-profit or non-profit sectors of the music industry. In addition to the music core, this emphasis offers courses in marketing, management, and finance.

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Church Music

The emphasis in Church Music offers courses in church music and administration, as well as support courses in philosophy and psychology. This emphasis is designed to prepare students for careers in church music.

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Piano Pedagogy

The emphasis in Piano Pedagogy is designed for pianists who want to prepare themselves to open their own piano teaching studios. In addition to the standard music core of classes, this emphasis offers piano pedagogy classes and internships and courses in marketing and entrepreneurship.

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Music Education

The Music Education emphasis (choral or instrumental) integrates a strong base of liberal arts, music, and professional education courses, and leads to certification to teach at all levels, P-12 (Class B Professional Teacher's Certificate) in either choral or instrumental music.

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Music Minor

Students may select music as a supportive minor to their major discipline.

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Music Technology Minor

Students may select Music Technology as a supportive minor for computer engineering, electrical engineering, and computer science.

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Music, Stage, and Screen Minor

In this minor, students sample the powerful convergence of the Music and Theatre disciplines and even prepare portfolios which may assist them in matriculating to graduate programs in these fields. There are three versions of the minor: one for Music majors minoring in Theatre, one for Theatre majors minoring in Music, and one for ANY major which focuses on video and audio production.

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