Dr. Thomas E. Reidy

Lecturer, History Department


Dr. Reidy has taught courses in U.S. and World History at UAH since 2007, including upper level classes on the Old South, and Race in America.

His published works deal with topics from the 19th and 20th centuries ranging from slaveholding to civil rights. Currently he is writing the Introduction and editing into book form Frances Roberts’s 1956 dissertation, Background and Formative Period in the Great Bend and Madison County. Dr. Reidy is also writing a book about the Scottsboro Boys, a 1930s case that involved nine young African Americans falsely accused of rape. The book is titled, Nine Black Boys in a Southern Jail: How Scottsboro Showed the World that Black Lives Matter.

In 2013, Dr. Reidy played a major role convincing the state of Alabama to posthumously pardon and exonerate the defendants in the Scottsboro Boys case. His efforts as the Historian of the Scottsboro Boys Museum help advance the cause of justice and equality for all Americans.