Dr. Andrei Gandila

Associate Professor, History Rome & Late Antiquity


1310 Ben Graves Drive
Morton Hall
Room 204
Huntsville, AL 35899
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A native of Romania, Andrei Gandila received his B.A. and M.A. in Roman history and archaeology from the University of Bucharest. In 2007 he embarked on his American adventure after entering the doctoral program at the University of Florida where he specialized in the history and archaeology of Late Antiquity. He received his doctoral degree in 2013 after spending one year in Washington D.C., as a Junior Fellow in Byzantine studies at Dumbarton Oaks.

He has done archaeological field work in Romania and Italy and research in museums and libraries in Europe and the United States. He presented his work at international conferences in Italy, Bulgaria, Poland, Scotland, the Netherlands and the United States. Drawing on literary, archaeological, anthropological, and numismatic sources, his recent book, Cultural Encounters on Byzantium's Northern Frontier, c. AD 500-700: Coins, Artifacts and History (Cambridge, 2018), offers an interdisciplinary analysis of Byzantine frontier policy in the northern Balkans and the Black Sea region. Through a detailed analysis of the evidence, the author demonstrates that communities living beyond the frontier competed for access to Byzantine goods and reshaped their identity as a result of continual negotiation, reinvention, and hybridization. As a teacher, Andrei shares his passion for Roman history with his students as well as his belief that the foundations of western civilization will never become irrelevant.

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  • Ph.D., University of Florida
  • M.A., University of Bucharest
  • B.A., University of Bucharest


  • Roman Empire
  • Late Antiquity and Early Middle Ages
  • Economic and monetary history
  • Historical archaeology
  • Frontier studies