The Global Studies Program offers three different degree options:

The Global Studies Minor is a multi- and interdisciplinary minor degree that enables students to develop core competencies in preparation for a globally-engaged career. Students who complete the Global Studies minor will have solid foundations in the historical, political, economic, social, and cultural dimensions of globalization and be able to analyze the complexities of global issues from multiple perspectives.  

The Certificate Degree in Foreign Language and Global Engagement is designed to provide students with an intermediate proficiency in their chosen language and the ability to communicate effectively in both casual and professional settings. Students who successfully complete the certification program will also gain a basic knowledge of the cultural, economic, political, and historical ramifications of globalization.

The Global Professional Pathways Certificate Degree provides students a clear path to combine foreign language study with experiential learning abroad opportunities such as intensive foreign language study, internships, and research opportunities. This combination will help you be able to integrate cross-cultural communication skills into your chosen career and provide you invaluable skills to advance in your career.

Degree Requirements (click on the degree title to connect to the UAH catalog information for each degree:

The Global Studies Minor Certificate Degree in Foreign Language and Global Engagement Global Professional Pathways Certificate Degree

24 credits

2 core courses (6 credits):

  • GS 200 Global Systems and Cultures
  • GS 400 Global Studies Capstone

Core Competency Requirements (18 credits):

  • Foreign Language (6 credits)
  • Global Economics, Markets, and Development (3 credits)
  • Global Politics and Security (3 credits)
  • Global Environment, Technology, and Health (3 credits)
  • Cultures in Exchange and Contact (3 credits)

Students select two courses in the same foreign language and then one course from a list of pre-approved courses to fulfill each of the remaining core competency requirements.

18 credits

FL101 Introductory Foreign Language I

FL102 Introductory Foreign Language II

FL201 Intermediate Foreign Language I

FL202 Intermediate Foreign Language II

FL301 Conversation

GS200 Global Systems and Cultures




16 credits

5 courses in one foreign language, including WLC 303 Language for the Professions (15 credits) 

GS 450 Global Professional  Portfolio (1 credit)

Minimum of 4 weeks abroad in an education abroad program in a country with target language. Students are encouraged to study abroad for at least a semester and seek to integrate an internship or research abroad experience into their time abroad.  

At least three of the five WLC courses must be taken at UAH. 


If you are interested in the Global Studies Minor or a certificate degree, please contact Dr. David Johnson at or by phone at 256.824.6288.

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