English Placement

Placement in College Writing is based on your ACT English or SAT Evidence-based Reading & Writing scores, high school GPA, and/or diagnostic essay evaluation. Students admitted with no test scores will be required to take a concurrent lab, EH 101L, with their EH 101 course.

UAH Placement LevelACT English ScoreRedesigned SAT Evidence-based Reading & Writing ScoreUAH English Placement
0000 19 or lower 26 or higher EH 101 and 102 sequence with concurrent lab (EH101L) for first semester
0101 20 or higher 300 or higher EH 101 and 102 sequence
0103 26 or higher 1240 or higher (SAT composite) EH 103

Placement Appeals

Students who wish to appeal their placement for College Writing may do so through one of the following options:

  • Take an English placement exam through Testing Services
  • Request a placement survey for completion by the student and their previous English instructor. Survey requests should be sent to english@uah.edu with “Placement Survey Request” listed in the subject line.
    • Students who elect to appeal their placement through placement surveys must also submit an academic writing sample. The sample should be 3-4 pages in length and must include the use of cited academic resources.

Writing samples, surveys, and placement exams are evaluated by English faculty to assess the student’s ability to respond to a writing prompt, including the construction of a clear thesis statement, the organized presentation of information through strong claims and supporting evidence, and the ability to engage with textual resources.