Kamiya Michelin posing in the Channel 19 News studio

Kamiya Michelin, Communication Arts major, interning at WHNT News Channel 19, Spring 2022

Courtesy Pooja Patkar, News 19 Technical Director

The University of Alabama in Huntsville Communication Arts Department strives to provide students opportunities to experience how communication works not only inside, but also outside the classroom.

The Value of the Internship

Research has shown that students with internship experiences, paid or unpaid, have a higher job offer rate than students without those experiences. During your internship, you will:

  • Learn from professionals with experience
  • Work in specific areas of communication
  • Reflect on your work (understand your work better with critical evaluation)
  • Reconfirm your career choice
  • Develop a portfolio and relationships that may help land a job in the future

Where Can I Intern?

UAH Communication Arts students intern in all areas of communication including: television, radio, print, and online journalism, public relations, web design, technical writing, fundraising, marketing, communication research, and wholesale and retail sales.

Local non-profit, for-profit, and government organizations have kindly sponsored UAH interns and helped provide meaningful, hands-on professional experience. Interning organizations have included organizations as diverse as:

  • al.com
  • Local network television affiliates
  • Local radio stations
  • Local newspapers
  • Wyle Laboratories
  • The Huntsville Arts Council, City of Madison
  • NASA Public and Employee Communication Office
  • UAH Marketing and Communication Division
  • UAH Global Hydrology and Climate Center