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James Lomax

James Lomax '13

Director of Asset Management
BA: Communication Arts

James Lomax ('13 BA Communication Arts) jumped into the Communication Arts program at UAH with every intention of one day becoming a deal-brokering Washington D.C. lobbyist. The idea of slugging it out in the trenches within congress was a glittering lure to him.

After interactions with local politics within Huntsville during his summer breaks, James quickly realized politics was not the best route to a successful career if he wanted to retain his sanity. To make spending-money between his classes at UAH, James spent time shadowing a real estate appraiser. Typically this meant measuring buildings or studying comparable properties.

One day, after interacting with a customer, the appraiser suggested that James get involved with the development and sales aspects of commercial real estate, rather than the appraisal side. The day after his last class at UAH, James was employed at NAI Chase Commercial as a Leasing Agent.

“On day one, the communication skills I learned at UAH were invaluable in building my career. It really set me apart from many of my competitors. Not only could I communicate properly and professionally with clients, but I was also able to present new ideas in a way that left an impact,” James recalled.

After a stint in sales at Colliers International and graduating with a master’s degree from Lipscomb University’s College of Leadership & Public Service, James was named Director of Asset Management at Corporate Office Properties Trust in Huntsville.

James continued, “My current role with Corporate Office Properties Trust directly correlates with the theories I learned in Morton Hall. We are in the business of developing office buildings, and while understanding the real estate is important in my role, much of it involves communicating the vision of our company to potential clients and the general public.”

“The Communications Department at UAH not only taught me how to communicate, it taught me how to listen, and what to listen for. This has benefited me in every stop and is something I’ll use for the rest of my career.”

Rebekah Reeder Dutton

Rebekah Reeder Dutton '08

BA: Communications and Spanish Language

Rebekah Reeder Dutton graduated in 2008 with her BA, double majoring in Communications and Spanish Language. She began working for Northrop Grumman Corporation as an intern in her junior year, and continued there for 7 years, first as a technical writer and later as an instructional designer, where she wrote storyboards for 3D virtual training simulations. During this time, she also volunteered as a Spanish translator for local churches. However, the history and archaeology of the Near East had long been a passion she shared with her husband, Trent.

After traveling throughout the Mediterranean and Switzerland, they both attended Wheaton College’s Masters in Near Eastern Archaeology program. Rebekah and Trent lived in Israel for the first 6 months of the program, participating in the Leon-Levy Expedition to Ashkelon, and then attended classes in Jerusalem at Jerusalem University College. They have returned to excavate in Ashkelon for the past two summers, working as staff.

In her spare time, she researches Iron Age figurines in the Wheaton College museum and enjoys being able to read for fun again. Her time in UAH’s Communications program has been a great asset, having taught her effective communication and instruction skills, as well as giving her a broad understanding of editing and media law, both of which have been well utilized in preparing excavation reports and scholarly articles for publication.

Jonathan Reeder

Jonathan Reeder '09

BA: Communication Arts

My time in the Communication Arts department at UAH proves fundamental each day to my work as a graduate student researcher and classroom instructor. It began when my sister, Rebekah, suggested I switch my area of study and join her in the department. I duly changed majors and focused on rhetoric and public speaking. It was my sister’s advice that prompted me to join; it was Dr. Rountree’s course on Legal Argument that set the hooks in permanently.

My experience throughout my coursework is a story of amassing skills in reading and thinking critically, communicating those thoughts effectively, and finding an outlet for my intellectual interests on a level that would satisfy. The driving force of my studies has always been a fascination with words and what we as humans do with them.

I presently focus on Greek and Roman historiography and the rhetoric of dissent found within that genre. Ancient thinkers grappled with the same political questions we do today: What makes a good ruler? Must rulers control social thought? What ideas should dominate our society? Should we regulate dissent and, if so, what are ethical and effective means to do so? Each day I spend considering these issues and instructing undergraduates in the classroom I draw on my experience in Communication Arts. As I was taught—what you know is no good if you can’t communicate it!

Stephanie Perry

Stephanie Perry '14

BA: Communications Arts and Political Science

While at UAH I was a Political Science Major. I began to take communication classes as electives and that is how I discovered that I was pretty good at public speaking. I enjoyed going to the classes because the energy was always warm and comforting. By the end of my college career Dr. Rountree informed me that I was two classes away from having a communications degree and that I could intern under him, stay an extra semester, and finish with two degrees instead of one.

After meeting with Dr. Rountree the decision was a no brainer! I worked closely with Dr. Sheldon and Dr. Rountree my final semester at UAH and before I graduated I had a paid internship with the Huntsville Area Association of Realtors (HAAR)! One year later I was working as HAARs Governmental Affairs Liaison where I was able to utilize both degrees at the same time.

I am currently a contractor for the United States Army where I occupy an Executive position. The tools I learned while being a communications major helps me every day. Being in an executive position requires me to have to work with many different personalities non-stop. As I think about it many of my group projects as an undergrad really prepared me for my current role as a leader/delegator. If I had not learned how to effectively communicate and handle tense situations as an undergrad at UAH I would not be as successful as I am today. I am very appreciative to all of my professors for equipping me with the right tools and knowledge to succeed in my professional career.

Greg Gardner

Greg Gardner '16

Business Development Representative
BA: Communication Arts (UAH)
MA: Family and Consumer Sciences in Youth Development (Iowa State University)

I became a communication arts major at UAH because I knew it would help qualify me for a number of different jobs post graduation. I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted to do with my life, but knew that a communications degree would help me better understand how to speak with and read people.

I currently work in a sales role and I try to touch on something I learned at UAH every day. I recently completed my Master's degree at Iowa State University, and while completing my final project I cited some of Dr. Pavica Sheldon's work on some thoughts surrounding social media (Student favorite: Facebook and motives for its use).

I look back on my four years at UAH very fondly, and can credit a majority of those fond memories to the people that worked with me on a daily basis to complete my degree. UAH is a family atmosphere that puts the students best interest first, and everything else second. I wouldn't change anything about my UAH experience, and I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to go there! CHARGE ON!

Cora Foster

Cora Foster '14

Global marketing Programs Manager
BA: Communication Arts & Marketing

I knew I wanted to major in Communication Arts when I reviewed the class descriptions. Interpersonal communications, social media, broadcasting, rhetorical criticism… it was the perfect blend of media, marketing, and law school all wrapped up into one major. Studying Communication Arts has empowered me in every aspect of my life beyond my position in global marketing (which I couldn’t have chosen a more appropriate major for). I learned how to think critically, argue intelligently, and analyze appropriately.

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