Applying for graduate school or a fellowship can be an intimidating task for even the most organized student. It helps to know the basic requirements for qualifying and applying for the program. Furthermore, it is challenging to manage the application process while succeeding in classes. Taught in fall and spring by the Honors College Fellowship Advisor, HON 201 Scholarship and Gradate School Prep is a 1-credit seven-week course. Students develop a plan for applying to a competitive national scholarship and selecting a graduate school that fits their academic and career goals. The course also educates students on several major fellowships that are available, providing extensive information on application components and deadlines. Students will practice writing common essays that are required for most fellowship and graduate school applications.

HON 201 is open to Honors students who have completed the first semester of their freshmen year and maintained at least a cumulative GPA of 3.85. Non-Honors students interested in the course should contact the Fellowship Advisor to find out requirements for enrolling in the course.

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