Parking - Frequently Asked Questions

All students and employees, (*including part-time staff, adjunct faculty or instructors, temporary and contract employees including those hired through UAH or hired through a temporary employment agency), and others who operate and park a motor vehicle on the campus are required to pay for the privilege of parking on campus. They must also properly display on their vehicle either a current UAH vehicle parking permit or a temporary parking permit issued by the Parking Management Office, located at Conference Training Center room 147. This requirement also applies to persons or organizations that rent, lease, or use office space, labs, or other University facilities, on University property and park a personally-owned or company-owned vehicle on campus. Student permits expire on August 6, 2021 and employee permits expire on August 31, 2021.

Visitors parking vehicles on University property in legal spaces other than a marked VISITOR space must obtain and display from the vehicle's rear view mirror a UAH issued visitor's hangtag. Visitor parking hangtags can be obtained at the UAH Parking Management Office at the Police Department 24 hours a day, seven days a week at no cost.

You can register multiple vehicles to the parking permit, but the permit must be properly displayed on the vehicle parked on campus.

The zones you are allowed to park in can be found in section F of the rules and regulations at

The permit is registered to you and can be used for rental cars. The permit must be properly displayed in the rental car. You will also need to add the vehicle information to your account at

Your family member needs to stop by the UAH Police Department's Parking Management Office to obtain a visitor pass before parking on campus.

The hangtag will go with you to the new vehicle and you will need to add the vehicle information online at or in person during business hours at the UAH Police Department's Parking Management Office, IMF 123.

If you received a parking violation you may file an appeal online at within 14 calendar days of the violation. A parking citation is not eligible for appeal after 14 calendar days have expired. Employees and students who have not paid the parking fee during the current academic year are not eligible to appeal a citation.

Zone parking is enforced Monday – Friday from 7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. During this time, you must park in the appropriate zones. Outside of zone enforcement hours, a parking permit is still required.

If your permit was lost due to a motor vehicle accident or stolen, please provide the Parking Management Office with a copy of your police report or insurance paperwork to replace your permit.

No, a visitor is a person who is not affiliated with the University.

Employees and Students who operate and park a vehicle on campus may pay their parking fees online anytime at You may pay your parking fee using a credit card. If you are a student you may charge your parking fee to your student account. If you are a UAH employee, you may use payroll deduction.

Typically, you should receive your permit within two weeks. If you have not received it by the end of 10 business days, please call the UAH Police Department / Parking Management Office at 256.824.6594. Permits are not mailed after two weeks prior to the first day of Fall semester.

You can pick up a state disability access parking application and instructions at the UAH Police Department's Parking Management Office. Once you receive the state-issued placard, the Parking Management Office will verify the placard and issue you a UAH Accessibility Hangtag in lieu of a zone parking hangtag.

Individuals must register in order to receive a parking permit. Permits are not automatically assigned, unless one of the following citations are issued: Failure to Pay Parking Fee, Use of Expired Hangtag or Parking Credential, or Use of Counterfeit/Altered Hangtag, Placard, or other Parking Credential.

Levels 1 and 2 are reserved for Commuters and Faculty/Staff. Level 3 is reserved for residents of Southeast Campus housing, Fraternity and Sorority Row, and Charger Village.

You may view the UAH Motor Vehicle Regulations online at