The UAH Green Fund is a fund available to students with ideas for environmental projects that they would like to start on campus. Interested students must write a proposal and present project ideas to the UAH Sustainability Program.

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Project Guidelines

Project proposals may be under one of two categories. All projects must benefit the university through savings or improvement upon education, outreach, or community involvement. Projects may span one to two semesters, and extensions may be requested when necessary.



This category includes projects that involve educating the UAH community about sustainability issues. This can include outreach events, publications, or the incorporation of sustainability topics into courses or curriculum.


This category includes projects that propose changes to campus structure. This may include projects such as retrofitting lighting in academic buildings, or refining used cooking oil to fuel campus transportation vehicles.


Each project proposal must include the following: a cover page, project proposal form, project description, budget summary, timeline and at least one support letter. The cover page and project description should be single-spaced with a 12-point font.

  1. The cover letter must include the applicant's name, the project title, the project director (faculty/staff/admin), and the project category (education or facilities).
  2. A project proposal form must be completed and attached after the cover letter.
  3. The project description is a minimum one page summary of the project including goals and objectives, a step-by-step plan, potential savings, and expected impacts upon students, the university, and the Huntsville community. Proposers should state why their project is important or needed, and the projected impacts it will have.
  4. The fourth page is a budget summary, including all expected costs, fees and supplies. Grant money may be used for any project costs except salary or benefits for the applicants.
  5. Applicants must attach a timeline for their project.
  6. A letter of support from the project advisor or department is the final attachment. Supplemental material for the project may also be attached if needed, such as approval from facilities or conceptual designs.


UAH is now accepting Green Fund proposals year round. Completed applications may be submitted at any time. Applicants will be notified of decisions through email or phone provided in the Project Proposal Form.

All individual students, student organizations, or campus groups are eligible to submit a proposal. Students will need a Project Director to supervise the project and manage finances. Directors may be faculty, staff, or administrators.

Proposals must be aimed at making new changes at UAH, and must be on campus. Savings generated must not go towards profits for groups or individuals, salaries, or donations to charitable organizations.

To apply, please fill out the Project Proposal Form and contact the campus Sustainability Office: