A Multitude of Options

Students can choose from a variety of study abroad options, from short-term faculty-led courses and programs, to summer programs, semester and full academic year programs, and internship opportunities.



Please click above to search for available study abroad courses and programs. Please also see below for general descriptions of possible abroad courses, programs, and research/internship abroad experiences as well as links for more information about these opportunities. 

Also, if you do not find the program you are looking for, please contact the Office of Study Abroad for assistance. 

Faculty-Led Courses and Programs

Each year, the UAH offers a number of faculty-led study-abroad courses and programs. These courses generally begin with instruction on campus at UAH and conclude with a study abroad component of two to four weeks in length. These offerings vary by year. Please look for announcements and informational flyers for more information or contact the Office of Study Abroad for more information. 

Summer Courses and Programs

UAH works with affiliate partners to offer a large variety of summer study abroad opportunities from four to ten weeks in length. 

Semester and Academic-Year Programs (Affiliate Partners)

UAH's affiliation with third party program providers enables students to select from opportunities from all over the world.

Semester and Academic-Year Programs (Exchange Agreement Partners)

Participation in exchanges are often less expensive than in programs from our affiliate partners. Because there is an even swap of students, you generally pay what you would pay if you were spending the semester and living on campus at UAH. Because there is an even exchange of students, the number of students who can participate is limited. Exchanges may not be for everyone, however, because they tend to require greater independence while abroad and sufficient foreign language competency to take coursework. However, in some cases, a sufficient level of courses in English may be available.

Internship, Research, and Service Abroad Opportunities

Students may consult with the Office of Study Abroad about interning, researching, and completing service projects abroad. Please note that many of these opportunities have specific application procedures and may be competitive in the selection process.

Questions? Please contact the Office of Study Abroad at studyabroad@uah.edu.