Congratulations! We are so excited that you've decided to go abroad! Between now and when you depart we will work together to ensure that you are prepared for this experience. Preparation includes attending meetings, completing required forms online, learning about your host country, and more.

Academics & Credit

Most study abroad programs have minimum requirements for participation. These requirements will vary by program. Please pay close attention to the requirements listed on each individual program page. Participation in UAH faculty-led courses requires instructor approval and a minimum 2.5 GPA. However, please note that some UAH faculty-led programs may have additional prerequisites and a higher GPA requirement. 

One of the benefits of going abroad is the opportunity to study in a foreign country and culture. Experience the art of Italy, business practices of China, or biological diversity of Costa Rica in an immersive, experiential way! There are several ways in which a UAH student may obtain credit from their experiences, and it is important to know the differences.

There are two main ways to earn credit abroad

1. UAH Courses Abroad

Take a UAH course taught abroad, typically instructed by UAH faculty.

Note: UAH courses abroad will affect your GPA like regular courses taught on campus.

Example programs: UAH faculty-led programs, internships with UAH instructor of record

2. Non-UAH Courses 

  1. Take courses at a UAH-approved international university and transfer the credit back to UAH. Courses must to pre-approved prior to departure by departments at UAH. Departments will review current syllabi to determine if UAH credit can be grated for the course.
  2. As part of the post-application process with the Study Abroad office, UAH students will be required to submit a list of courses from their abroad program for evaluation. Students will work with the appropriate UAH department to determine the UAH equivalencies of the international coursework. In other words, the courses on these programs will have very different names/numbers than the equivalent course at UAH. By completing this credit evaluation process early on, students can determine how courses will transfer to UAH and to their degree requirements long before their program begins.
  3. Note: Approved courses are treated as UAH credit and receive a letter grade.
  4. Note: It is recommended that students approve more courses than they are planning to take in case there are unexpected changes or scheduling conflicts upon course registration with their host institution. 
  5. Example programs: Affiliate or exchange programs

Students maintain official registration with UAH while abroad on university approved credit-bearing programs. Students in exchange programs and affiliate programs enroll in a "placeholder" course while abroad. Students participating in faculty-led programs enroll in the faculty course. 

In order to process transcripts from abroad experiences, it is essential that the Office of Study Abroad receiving the transcript from the home institution directly. Students should request that transcripts be sent to the Office of Study Abroad at:

The University of Alabama in Huntsville
Student Services Building, 218
ATTN: Nicole Hughes
301 Sparkman Drive
Huntsville, AL 35899

Receiving international transcripts at the end of your exchange, affiliate, or non-UAH program abroad can often be delayed. Speak with the Office of Study Abroad regarding any concerns you have regarding study abroad and graduation. Please be aware that in some cases it can take up to 6 months to receive these transcripts. 


Passports & Visas

Students must have a valid passport that does not expire for AT LEAST six months AFTER their program ENDS in order to study abroad. Students may be denied entry to other countries, otherwise.

Note: Passports can take 4-6 weeks to obtain. Students should apply for or renew their passports well in advance of their acceptance to a study abroad program. Most partners will require that the student has a current passport for admission. Non-U.S. citizens must contact the appropriate authority in their home countries to obtain a passport.

How to Apply for or Renew Passport

In addition to a passport, students may need a valid visa to study abroad. A visa is official permission from a foreign country’s government to enter and/or stay in the country. It is the student's responsibility to apply for a visa if needed.

Different programs and countries will have varying visa requirements. To determine if a visa is necessary and how one may be obtained, students should check the website of the consulate or embassy of the country in which they plan to study. Students may also visit the U.S. State Department’s website to find country-specific visa information. Please keep in mind that the Office of Study Abroad is NOT a visa processing office and is not responsible if a student’s visa application is denied.

Note: Visas can take several weeks to obtain.Students who need a visa should apply for a visa only after official acceptance to their program and in enough time to receive it before the program begins.

If you have any questions at any time about the application process, please contact the Office of Study Abroad