Once you have found the program you wish to apply for, you will apply for approval from UAH to study abroad using the online study abroad application found on the UAH study abroad website.  Below you will find information that will assist you in gaining access to the system and creating your application.

First Time Applicants: 
1. Use this link to search for programs.
2. If you have selected a program you can enter the name or a portion of the name in the “Program Name” box and click “Search”.  Or if you want to search for a program you can select any of the available options to begin your search and then select “Search”. 
3. In order to view a program, click on the name of the program.
4. Once you have decided which program to apply to, select the “Apply Now” button located on the program brochure page.
5. If you have not already logged into the system you will be directed to the “My UAH” screen. After entering your Charger ID and password you will have access to the system and can begin the application process.
6. From this point forward the system will generate the appropriate application(s) for you.  NOTE:  Every study abroad program is different, so applications will vary.

7. Important: you will only be assessed the $40 application fee after the application has been reviewed and approved by the Office of Study Abroad. So, if you submit an application and choose to withdraw the application, you must do so shortly after submission, or you will be assessed the application fee.

8. Once the application has been approved by the Office of Study Abroad, there will be no refund of the $40 application fee.  

All Subsequent Logins: (after an application has been created)
1. From the Office of Study Abroad website, click on “Programs” and then select “Program Search.” This will lead you to the search page. On the upper right corner, you will see the login link.
2. After you log in, you will then be redirected to your unique home page within the software. Here, you will be able to see what program(s) you have applied for and the status of your application, including what materials you have completed and still need to complete before approval.  


  1. If you are applying for an external program with an affiliate program or an exchange program with one of our international university partners, you will have to complete the UAH application process as well as the application process for the external program. This process is separate from the UAH process.
  2. Our site is viewable to anyone. However, only enrolled UAH students will have access to the application link.  If you are a non-degree student (a student who normally attends another university) and you wish to participate on a UAH Faculty-Led Program, you will first have to be admitted to UAH. Please check with the Office of Study Abroad (studyabroad@uah.edu) to determine if the UAH faculty-led course can accept non-UAH students.


If you have any questions at any time about the application process, please contact the Office of Study Abroad studyabroad@uah.edu.