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How to Apply

Once you’ve found the right program for you, it is time to apply! Apply for approval from UAH to study abroad using the online study abroad application found on the UAH Study Abroad website. Below you will find information that will assist you in gaining access to the system and creating your application.

New Applicants 

1. Use this link to search for your program of choice. 

2. After finding your program homepage on the UAH website, select the "Apply Now" button. 

3. Enter your Charger ID and password to log in. 

4. Congrats! You've officially started your UAH study abroad application! Please begin working on your application requirements, and pay close attention to deadlines and emails! 

5. Your application will not be reviewed until all items are completed. 

Continuing Applicants

1. Use this link to log in and continue your application. 

2. Your application will not be reviewed until all items are completed. 

Important Notes 

  • Every study abroad program is different; therefore, applications will vary. 
  • Some programs have a limited number of spots available. Apply early! 
  • You will be assessed a study abroad fee that includes insurance and crisis management upon program acceptance. Your fee is determined by length of program: $125 for summer programs, $300 for semester programs. The study abroad fee is already factored into the overall program fee for faculty-led programs. 
  • If you are applying for an affiliate or exchange program, they will have their own application process and deadlines. This process is separate from the UAH process; however, students must be approved by both UAH and the partner program in order to participate on the program. 

Questions? Please contact the Office of Study Abroad at