The University of Alabama in Huntsville is committed to being a community of students, faculty, and staff members who give back to the campus, the Huntsville community, and beyond on a regular basis. Our efforts to engage the wider campus community in these efforts are led by SOAR (Serving, Organizing, Advocating, and Reflecting). SOAR is the student-led civic engagement programming board that exists to provide opportunities for direct community service, societal issue awareness and education, and advocacy and governmental training through events open to the entire UAH community.


SOAR provides UAH students numerous ways to serve the campus and the Huntsville community through service cadres and bi-weekly service events. These opportunities assist with the development of life skills and prepare students to become successful citizens of the world. Previous service locations include Manna House hydroponic garden, Greater Huntsville Humane Society, Christmas Charities Year Round, and more. Additionally, the Office of Student Life and SOAR organize Fall and Spring Break Service trips, providing interested students the opportunity to spend their breaks giving back to a community outside of Huntsville. Previous locations have included Atlanta, GA; Asheville, NC; New Orleans, LA, and more. 

Organizing & Advocating

We seek to inform the student body on the importance of being active citizens through voting, organizing, and advocating for causes and issues that matter to them. SOAR and the Office of Student Life oversee the ChargersVote initiative, which create programs to register, educate, and turn out Chargers as voters. SOAR also organizes Civic Leadership Boot Camp, which fills in the gaps in civics education that many students bring with them to college. Boot Camp meets every week throughout the academic year and provides opportunities to discuss current issues, interact with governmental leaders, and connect with students across the political spectrum. 


SOAR also provides awareness education programming that brings current social issues to light through panels, discussions, documentary screenings, book clubs, and more. Basically we utilize all forms of media that can help our students understand issues such as homelessness, criminal justice, and sustainability, to name a few. For example, we once hosted a panel with Huntsville city leaders to understand the economic and cultural changes within the city. Additionally, we host book clubs through the entire calendar year covering texts such as This I Believe and Boys of Alabama; the latter selection concluded with a discussion with the author, which is an event that we hold quite frequently. These events create environments that are conducive to reflection on behalf of each student in regards to his/her beliefs and role in creating a better world for everyone. 

The Big Event

The Big Event is our spring service day in partnership with the Student Government Association. The Big Event is UAH’s largest day of service that allow students to complete direct service within the Huntsville Community as a way of saying “Thank you!”


UAH Homecoming Philanthropy Events are our way of collaborating with UAH Alumni to give back. We complete our annual Can Creations and collect donations for our local shelters. Through this event we encourage student organizations to collaborate to create a structure made completely of canned goods; alumni are invited to judge this event to select the winning groups.

Dance Marathon

Miracle Network Dance Marathon is a nationwide movement, activating college students at 300 campuses across the country to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital in their community.


All event information can be found in the student newsletter sent out every week or on social media.