ssc personalized academic plan

Academic Coaching Reasons

When you schedule an appointment for Academic Coaching, you will need to select a reason. Below is a list of reasons with a brief explanation. Summer Academic Coaching appointments are online only.

College Specific Coaching

Each college is unique and our coaches can support you by guiding you through how to navigate your college and providing specific resources.

  • AHSS Coaching
  • Business Coaching
  • Engineering Coaching
  • Nursing Coaching
  • Science Coaching

Study and Self Management Skills Coaching

  • Goal-Setting - learn how to set and meet your goals
  • Learning Strategies - determine your learning preference and how to implement new strategies
  • Motivation - discover what drives you
  • Note-Taking - improve your system or create a new one
  • Online Learning - gain an understanding of what it takes to be successful in an online course
  • Presentation Coaching - improve your presentation skills 
  • Reading Strategies - develop new habits and effective systems
  • Study Strategies - learn proven methods
  • Test Preparation - establish a study plan
  • Time Management - learn how to prioritize and manage your schedule