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How it works:

  • Tutoring Blitz will be online and appointment based
  • Appointments are 30 minutes in duration, please be ON TIME to your appointment
  • You may make an appointment with a tutor or PASS leader up to one minute prior to your desired appointment time
  • You can make up to three appointments for one subject 
  • You can make back to back appointments with the same tutor
  • To use Zoom, students will need a computer, tablet or smartphone (Android or iDevice) and reliable internet access
  • Students are encouraged to come to their appointments prepared with questions, notes, and any material they may need
  • Students are also encouraged to complete the "Notes" section of your appointment to inform the tutor of what you plan to discuss or work on
  • Click here to see how to access a Tutoring Blitz appointment 
  • For questions, concerns, or issues with your Zoom appointment, contact onlinetutoring@uah.edu