Students Working at the Army in Parallel (SWAP)

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Advantages for Requiring Activity

  • Top Students from Engineering, Science or Business
  • Students actively recruited from other local colleges and universities
  • Typically work a "parallel" program (work and attend school simultaneously) which maintains continuity for student and Army sponsor
  • 16 - 28 hours per week
  • Can continue to work as contract employee with UAH after graduation
    - with possible transition into a government position
  • All students supporting the Army are US citizens
  • All students supporting the Army have SECRET level clearances
  • Typical hiring process for a student is 1 - 3 days
  • No implied hiring obligation upon graduation
  • Great screening opportunity for organization
  • Government or UAH employment after graduation
  • Funded through existing contracts with UAH SMAP Center
  • Not satisfied? Student will be reassigned

For More Information Contact

Dr. Gary Maddux