Programs and activities in the SMAP Center:
Dr. Gary A. Maddux, SMAP Center Director
SMAP Center's ongoing Information Technology Team Programs:
Mr. James R. Clark, Associate Director
Redstone phone: (256) 842-2557
SMAP Center's ongoing SWAP Program:
Mr. Tom Ingram, Resource Development Manager
STEM Projects Advancing Relevance and Confidence in the Classroom (SPARCC) Lab
Dr. Michael P.J. Benfield
Dr. Matthew W. Turner
Phone (256) 840-STEM SPARCC
SMAP Center's Internet Application Development:
Mr. Keith Crowe, Research Information Scientist
Redstone phone: (256) 842-2557
SMAP Center's Vizualization-based Design Lab (VIZLAB):
Jason Hood, Research Engineer
Redstone phone: (256) 876-9997
SMAP Center's ongoing Unmanned Systems Integration:
Mr. Norven Goddard, Research Scientist
SMAP Center's ongoing Computer Science Incubator:
Dr. William Sabados, Research Scientist

SMAP Center's Administrative Contacts: 
Ms. Joan Sims
Phone: (256) 313-1299 

Ms. Kelly Butcher
Phone: (256) 313-0243
Ms. Kay Alford
Phone: (256) 313-1085