The Student Senate

The Student Senate is a governing body of 40 undergraduate and graduate students that represent the student body at The University of Alabama in Huntsville. The Legislative activity of the SGA happens in the Student Senate. The Vice President serves as the presiding officer of the Senate. The Speaker of the Senate is elected by the Senate to guide legislation and promote activism. Four committees within the Senate work to focus on specific areas of improvement and to assist in SGA functions.

Senators are elected annually during the spring semester by popular vote. Every academic college has representation based on the number of students enrolled in the college. The frehmen class has three seats and the senior and graduate class each have one. Each RSO category has a representative.

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College of Arts, Humanities, & Social Sciences

Rosalee Mahdi



College of Business

Jacob Burnett

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Brooke Frazier


Kaitlyn Moore


Luke Till

College of Education


Jackson Stallings

Kara Trim

College of Engineering


Caleb Blair


Nathaniel Bragdon


Elijah Butler

Joseph DeLuna


Alexandria Erickson

Mark Porter

Astin Starr

College of Nursing

Taryn Brown




College of Science

Smauel Arnold

Taiyo Hino

Annissa Roberts

Kaitlyn Wong 



Elected Fall 2023

Elected Fall 2023

Elected Fall 2023



Joshua Estes


Oluyinka Joseph Adedokun


Eoin Bilke - Academic 

VACANT - Community Service 

VACANT - Cultural & Identity Based


Grace Marcopulos - Fraternity & Sorority Life


Joseph Thaggard - Government/Political

Adriana Landreth - Honor Society

VACANT - Recreational

Justin Smith - Spiritual/Faith Based