2017-18 UAH SGA Election Results

With over 1000 votes cast, the UAH SGA Elections Committee has reported the following results:

SGA Constitution Amendment

Ratified by 90% of the votes/passed

SGA President & Vice President

Reid Wilson, College of Business
Jared Grogan, College of Science and College of Business

Sophomore Class Representatives

Jeremy Boyd, College of Engineering
Drew Humphrey, College of Engineering
Oliver Wesche, College of Engineering

Junior Class Representatives

Alexander Boxmeyer, College of Engineering
Patrick Brady, College of Engineering
Jacob Morrison, College of Engineering

Senior Class Representatives

Morgan Bramlett, College of Engineering
Daniel Collins, College of Business
Justin Johnson, College of Business

Graduate School Representatives

Jacob Griffin, College of Business
Nathan Gilbert, College of Engineering

College of Arts, Humanities, & Social Sciences

Emily Beaird
Stella Broussard
Madison Butler
Jacob Wintzell

College of Business

Jennifer Brook Childers
Joseph Corleto
Courtney Fields
Reid Goram
Nathan Miller

College of Education


College of Engineering

Michael Adams
Morgan Dubaz
Stephen Hollingsworth
Jarod Matlock
John Morris
Mathew Saunders
Tyler Sholes
Kimberly Wise

College of Nursing

Benjamin Henderson
Melissa Milton

College of Science

Ryan Barishian
Ashley Dodson
Alexa Eason
Colton Hagan
Kaleb Nelson