Doctor of Pharmacy

After graduating from UAH, a PharmD degree can be completed after 4 years of pharmacy school. A PharmD degree can also lead to further development and studies in pharmaceutical care, pharmaceutical sciences, and pharmaceutical health policy and management.

Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmacy

The PhD degree is ideal for someone who wants to work as a pharmaceutical scientist dealing with basic or clinical research.

Some programs and schools offer dual degrees (PharmD/PhD or PharmD/MS).


Medical Schools in Alabama

Recommended Courses & GPA Requirements


At UAH, we can help you become a competitive applicant for your future professional school. These courses support required and suggested coursework for Alabama schools. The combination of courses are guidelines. Specific requirements may vary among schools.

Entrance Exam



The PCAT tests the following areas:

  • Verbal ability
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Reading comprehension
  • Quantitative ability
  • Writing
Testing Dates

The PCAT is not offered often, so be prepared and organized to register for this exam.


Practice tests allow for analysis of strengths and weaknesses. Take an official practice PCAT test. Practice tests grant an understanding of the test and how to improve one's skills.

Many programs begin to fill their class as soon as their application cycle opens. It becomes crucial to apply early.


Making an appointment with your Pre-Health Professions Advisor is crucial before taking the MCAT.

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Outside the Classroom


Health Care Experience

What better way to make sure you want to be in healthcare than by shadowing? Gain experience and possible references. Shadowing will go a long way in, not only making you a mature applicant, but making sure others see you as prepared.

Keep a Journal

Use a journal to record thoughts on your experiences. Activities come to life with reflection. Topics to consider writing about may include: Why one chose their profession, shadowing, or volunteering. This journal may be helpful when writing your personal statement.

Community Service and Volunteering

Working in healthcare means having a heart of service. This means wanting to give back to the community. Find something enjoyable and go forth!


Research experience can provide you with opportunities to work with faculty, learn skills beyond the classroom, use research methods, and engage in critical analysis. Research allows a better understanding between theory and practice using innovative and creative thinking.