Dr. John Foster

Department Chair,


301 Sparkman Drive
Materials Science Building
Room 210
Huntsville, AL 35899
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Prof. Foster has an international track record in applied science focusing on biopolymers and their use in the design of novel devices to answer medical and environmental problems. His innovative research and teaching have led to many awards including a 'Sir Anthony Mason Fellowship', a 'Marie Curie International Incoming Fellowship' and a 'Fulbright Senior Scholarship'; he is an elected Fellow of the two Royal Societies for Biology and Chemistry. He is a co-founder and Director of Repartech Pty Ltd, a start-up commercializing smart wound repair technology and funded by a prestigious Medical Device Fund award from the Department of Health for New South Wales, Australia.

Curriculum Vitae


  • Certificate in Laser Safety & Application, Australian Defence Force Academy, The University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia, 2009
  • Ph.D., Chemistry, Aston University, Birmingham, UK, 1993
  • CBiol, Royal Society of Biology, London, UK, 1992
  • BSc (Hons), Marine Biology, The University of Wales, University College of Swansea, Swansea, Wales, UK, 1987

Honors & Awards

  • 2016 Winner "The Fulbright Alumni Initiative Grant" - Collaboration with UPMC
  • 2013 "Inventor of the Year" Finalist - Early Stage Commercialisation Category, New South Innovations Ltd - electrospinning of novel biomaterials for nerve repair
  • 2012 Winner "The Fulbright Alumni Initiative Grant" - Collaboration with UPMC
  • 2010 "Inventor of the Year" Finalist - Biomedicine Category, New South Innovations Ltd- laser activated adhesive for sutureless surgery
  • 2010 "Inventor of the Year" Finalist - Early Stage Commercialisation Category, New South Innovations Ltd - proteomic based biocompatibility applications
  • 2009-2010 Fulbright Senior Scholar -surgical adhesive with ECM for tissue engineering
  • 2008 National "Carrick Citation for Teaching Excellence" nomination.
  • 2005-2007 Marie Curie Incoming International Fellow - biodeuteration and SANS of biomaterials
  • 2004 Visiting Fellow, Aston University - biomaterials forwound scaffolding
  • 2002 Innovative Teaching & Educational Technology Fellowship - development and implementation of novel teaching practices


  • Biopolymers as biomaterials
  • Biodeuteration for advanced characterization techniques
  • Biomedical device design and fabrication
  • Bioplastics and their applications
  • Innovation strategies for students
  • Commercialisation pathways

Recent Publications

  • Foster, LJR; Chan, RTH; Russell, RA. & Holden, PJ. 2020 "Using Humidity to Control the Morphology and Properties of Electrospun BioPEGylated Polyhydroxybutyrate Scaffolds." ACS Omega 5:26476-26485.

  • Tan, J; Foster, LJR & Watson, SL. 2020 "Corneal Sealants in Clinical Use: A Systematic Review." Curr. Eye Res. 45(9):1025-1030.

  • Tan, J; Foster, LJR & Watson, SL. 2020 "Application of a Novel Film Sealant Technology for Penetrating Corneal Wounds. An Ex-Vivo Study." Applied Sciences 10(9):3193 Doi.org/10.3390/app10093193

  • Yatim, ARM; Zulkifli, WNFWM; Majid, AMS; Foster, JL & Hayes, DG.2020"3-Hydroxypicolinic Acid as an Effective Matix for Sophorolipid Structural Elucidation Using Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry." J. Surf. Detergents. Doi.org/10.1002/jsde.12394 7 Feb.

  • Bartimole, C; Foster, J & Watson, S. 2019 "The Spectrum of Microbial Keratitis: An Updated Review." Open Ophthalmol. J. 13:100-130.

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  • Russell, RA; Foster, LJR. & Holden, PJ. 2018 "Carbon Nanotube Mediated Miscibility of Polyhydroxyalkanaote Blends and Chemical Imaging Using Deuterium-Labelled Poly(3-hydroxyoctanoate)." Eur. Poly. J. 105(Aug):150-157.

  • Techaikool, P; Daranarong, D; Kongsuk, J; Boonyawan, D; Haron, N; Harley, WS; Thomson, KA; Foster, LJR. & Punyodom, W. 2017 "Effects of Plasma Treatment on Biocompatibility of Poly(L-lactide-co-?-caprolactone) (PLCL) and Poly(L-lactide-co-glycolide) (PLGA) Electrospun Nanofibrous Membranes" Polymer Int. (Doi: 10.1002/pi.5427).

  • Hassarati, RT; Foster, LJR. & Green, RA. 2016 "Influence of Biphasic Stimulation on Olfactory Ensheathing Cells for Neuroprosthetic Devices." Frontiers Neurosci. 10:432. doi: 10.3389/fnins.2016.00432

  • Daranarong, D; Techaikool, P; Intatue, W; Daengngern, R; Thomson, KA; Molloy, R; Kungwan, N; Foster, LJR; Boonyawan, D. & Punyodom, W. 2016 "Effect of Surface Modification of Poly(L-lactide-co-?-caprolactone) Membranes by Low-Pressure Plasma on Support Cell Biocompatibility" Surface Coat. Technol, 306 Part A:328-335.