Research project examples

Dawn Utley (PI), Letha Etzkorn (co-PI), "Metrics for the Advanced Engineering Environment of the 2nd Generation Reusable Launch Vehicle program".

Harry Delugach (PI), "Dependency Language Representation Using Conceptual Graphs,"

Letha Etzkorn (PI), "Use of CORBA Notification Service and Current Status of Real Time CORBA"

Letha Etzkorn (PI), "Analysis of the Current Status of CORBA ORBs"

Harry S. Delugach (PI), "Conceptual Modeling For Software Development in Moving Target Indication (MTI)"

Wei Li (PI), "Software Process Maturity Assessment," Wei Li (PI),"An Object-Oriented Prototype for Praxis Architecture,"

Wei Li (PI), T. Newman (Co-PI), "Research Equipment for Software Engineering and Performance Measurement and Visualization,"

Wei Li (PI), "A Javabean Prototype of a Component Framework for Data Products,"