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Alabama Science & Engineering Fair returns to UAH for 20th anniversary

Students still want to know how various household chemicals affect plant growth, or whether video games make them and their friends …

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Blast From the Past – Opening a Rocketry Time Capsule

UAH's Propulsion Research Center is preparing for its 25th anniversary next year, and the experimental roots of its faculty run even deeper. In 1956, 16-year-old Jimmy Blackmon did a very unusual thing for that time. He built a rocket from …

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UAH’s “Let’s Pretend” hospital celebrates 30 years

Let's Pretend Hospital is a first grade field trip like no …

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Award-winning researcher Robert Swap visits UAH as part of the Distinguished Speaker Series

Award-winning educator and researcher, Dr. Robert J. Swap, will be the guest speaker for UAH Distinguished Speaker Series on Tuesday, March …

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