(Chemistry: CH / Biology: BYS / Chemical Engineering: CHE)

Baird, J.K. (CH) protein crystal growth, fundamental mechanisms
Boyd, L. (BYS) gene function and expression, embryogenesis
Cerro, R.L. (CHE) bioprocessing, theoretical and experimental fluid mechanics, nanotechnology
FTIR, biosurfaces, protein interaction, expression profiling
Cruz-Vera, L.R. (BYS) molecular biology, translation and gene expression regulation 
Edmondson, S. (CH, Research)  NMR spectroscopy, protein structure and function
McFeeters, R. (CH) antiviral entry inhibition and transcriptional regulation of the bacterial nucleoid 
Magnuson, R.D. (BYS) plasmid host interactions
Meehan, E.J. (CH)  protein crystallography, structural genomics, structure-based drug design 
Moriarity, D.M. (BYS)  regulation of eukaryotic gene expression, natural products drug discovery
Ng, J.D. (BYS)  macromolecular crystallization, structure/function of extremophilic proteins, synthetic biology
Scholz, C. (CH)  biodegradable polymers 
Setzer, W.N. (CH)  biomedicinal aspects of biologically active phytochemicals, natural products chemistry 
Shriver, J.W. (CH, BYS)  protein structure and function, NMR spectroscopy, structural biology/biophysics 
Twigg, P. (CH)  protein structure and biophysical characterization of proteins, X-ray crystallography and NMR 
Vogler, B. (CH)  drug discovery and structure elucidation 
Waddell, E. (CH)  microfluidics, molecular patterning