Robert Junod

Part-time Lecturer, Atmospheric and Earth Science


320 Sparkman Drive
Cramer Research Hall
Room 4074
Huntsville, AL 35899
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Curriculum Vitae


  • Doctor of Philosophy in Atmospheric Science. The University of Alabama in Huntsville
  • Master of Science in Atmospheric Science. The University of Alabama in Huntsville. Graduation Date: August 2014
  • Bachelor of Science in Meteorology. Millersville University of Pennsylvania. Minor: Mathematics Graduation Date: May 2009

Honors & Awards

  • American Meteorological Society Local Chapter President 2010−2011
  • American Meteorological Society Local Chapter Treasurer 2007−2008

Recent Publications

  • R. Christy, John & W. Spencer, Roy & D. Braswell, William & Junod, Robert. (2018). Examination of space-based bulk atmospheric temperatures used in climate research. International Journal of Remote Sensing. 39. 3580-3607. 10.1080/01431161.2018.1444293.

  • Baxter, S.R., Junod, R., and Yalda, S., A Climatology of the Wintertime Jet Stream and Lower-tropospheric Temperature Over the Mid-Atlantic United States Related to Global Atmospheric Oscillations, J. of Pennsylvania Academy of Science, 2009.

Affiliate Faculty

  • Dr. Arastoo Biazar
  • Dr. Monte Bateman
  • Dr. Dan Cecil
  • Dr. Hugh Christian
  • Dr. Tim Coleman
  • Dr. Eugene Crawford
  • Dr. Richard Ferrare
  • Mr. Burgess Howell
  • Mr. Daniel Irwin
  • Dr. Gary Jedlovec
  • Dr. Timothy Lang
  • Dr. Xiong Liu
  • Dr. Eugene McCaul
  • Dr. Walt Petersen
  • Dr. Jonathan Pleim
  • Dr. Rahul Ramachandran
  • Dr. Roy Spencer