Robert Griffin, Ph.D.

Associate Dean,
College of Science
Associate Professor, Atmospheric & Earth Science


301 Sparkman Drive
Materials Science Building
Room C 203B
Huntsville, AL 35899
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Dr. Robert Griffin is an applied Earth scientist, environmental anthropologist, and a remote sensing and GIS specialist. He received his Ph.D. from Penn State University in 2012 having received a graduate fellowship from NASA, and he is certified as both a GIS Professional through GISCI and a Certified Mapping Scientist in Remote Sensing (CMS/RS) through ASPRS.

His research interests span across disciplinary boundaries and focus on the use of technology (geographic information systems and satellite remote sensing) to solve complex problems and build end-user capacity. Dr. Griffin has received research funding from NASA, NSF, and WCS, and he has conducted fieldwork on human-environment interactions across Latin America. He principally serves as the Science and Educational Partnerships Lead and PI for the NASA SERVIR UAH science team, the Science Advisor for the NASA DEVELOP at Marshall Space Flight Center, the Science and Missions Operations Director for the Sally Ride ISS EarthKAM project, and as the PI for the NSF REU Site, Remote Sensing of Land-Atmosphere Systems.

Dr. Griffin teaches a range of courses at UAH, from introductory survey courses to advanced graduate level coursework. He encourages and supports student research, mentors students through professional development, and actively funds both graduate and undergraduate students. He serves the local community as a board member for both GEO Huntsville and the Huntsville Air Pollution Control Board, and as a founder and director of the Alabama Remote Sensing Consortium (ARSC), an industry-higher education consortium focused on innovation in advanced satellite remote sensing. In addition to teaching courses, conducting research, and performing service, Dr. Griffin also consults with local industry in the area of geospatial information analysis.

Curriculum Vitae

ResearchGate Profile


  • Ph.D., Anthropology, Penn State University, 2012
  • M.A., Anthropology, Penn State University, 2005
  • B.A., Anthropology, University of Virginia, 2002

Honors & Awards

  • UAH College of Science Outstanding Faculty Award (2019)
  • UAH Research and Creative Activity Mentor Award (2015)
  • NASA Graduate Student Research Program (GSRP) Fellowship (2005-07)


  • American Association of Geographers (AAG)
  • American Geophysical Union (AGU)
  • American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS)
  • Society of American Archaeology (SAA)
  • Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR)
  • Western North America InSAR (WInSAR) Consortium


  • Anthropological Archaeology
  • Applied Earth Sciences
  • Coupled Human-Natural Systems
  • Land Use and Land Cover Change
  • Latin America
  • GIS & Satellite Remote Sensing
  • Human Impacts on Environments

Recent Publications

  • Herndon, K., R. Muench, E. Cherrington, R. Griffin (In Prep). Technical Note: The Impact of Atmospheric Correction on the Accuracy of Water Masks Derived from Spectral Indices. Remote Sensing Letters.

  • Munroe, T., E. Anderson, R. Griffin, L. Hu (In Prep). A Case Study on the Effects of Dam Construction on Sediment Trapping Efficiency in the Lower Mekong Basin Using Dynamic Inputs. Environmental Modeling and Software.

  • Hernandez Sandoval, B., E. Cherrington, R.E. Griffin (Submitted). Application of Earth Observations for setting baselines for monitoring sustainable forest management: the case of Gabon. Remote Sensing of Environment.

  • Kotikot, S., A. Flores, R. Griffin, J. Nyaga, J. Case, R. Mugo, A. Sedah, E. Adams, A. Limaye, D. Irwin (2019). Statistical Characterization of Frost Zones: Case of Tea Freeze Damage in the Kenyan Highlands. International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation, 84. doi: 10.1016/j.jag.2019.101971

  • Weigel, A., R. Griffin, K. Knupp, A. Molthan, T. Coleman (2019). A Spatial Pattern Analysis of Land Surface Heterogeneity and its Relationship to Low Intensity Tornadogenesis. Earth Interactions, 23. doi: 10.1175/EI-D-18-0010.1.

  • Cherrington, E., A. Flores-Anderson, R. Thapa, K. Herndon, A. Wahome, P. Oduor, K. Mubea, E. Ouko, N. Hanh Quyen, D. Saah, M. Bako, P. Bartel, F. Mensah, S. Ofori-Ampofo, E. Anderson, E. Adams, R. Muench, A. Markert, A. Nicolau, W.L. Ellenburg, K. Markert, B. Hernandez Sandoval, A. Limaye, R. Griffin, D. Irwin. (2019). Perspectives on the Future Application of SAR in Forest and Environmental Monitoring. In SAR Handbook: Comprehensive Methodologies for Forest Monitoring and Biomass Estimation, A. Flores, K. Herndon, R. Thapa, E. Cherrington (eds.). NASA. doi:10.25966/p7xd-0a19

  • Dunning, N., A. Anaya Hernandez, T. Beach, C. Carr, R. Griffin, J. Jones, D. Lentz, S. Luzzadder-Beach, K. Reese-Taylor, I. Sprajc (2018). Margin for Error: Anthropogenic geomorphology of Bajo edges in the Maya Lowlands. Geomorphology.

  • Markert, K., R. Griffin, A. Limaye, R. McNider (2018). Spatial Modeling of Land Use/Land Cover Change and its Effects on Hydrology within the Lower Mekong Basin. In Land-Atmosphere Research Applications in South and Southeast Asia, K. Vadrevu, T. Ohara, C. Justice (eds.). Springer Remote Sensing/Photogrammetry. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-67474-2_29

  • Markert, K., F. Chishtie, E. Anderson, D. Saah, R. Griffin (2018). On the merging of optical and SAR satellite imagery for surface water mapping applications. Results in Physics 9. doi:10.1016/j.rinp.2018.02.054.

  • Anderson, E., R. Griffin, D. Irwin (2016). Implications of different digital elevation models and preprocessing techniques to delineate debris flow inundation hazard zones in El Salvador. In Characterizing Uncertainties in Natural Hazard Assessment: Modeling and Decision Support (eds.). AGU Press. doi:10.1002/9781119028116.ch11.

Affiliate Faculty

  • Dr. Arastoo Biazar
  • Dr. Monte Bateman
  • Dr. Dan Cecil
  • Dr. Hugh Christian
  • Dr. Tim Coleman
  • Dr. Eugene Crawford
  • Dr. Richard Ferrare
  • Mr. Burgess Howell
  • Mr. Daniel Irwin
  • Dr. Gary Jedlovec
  • Dr. Timothy Lang
  • Dr. Xiong Liu
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  • Dr. Walt Petersen
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