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UAH's Atmospheric and Earth Science Department provides students with a wide variety of research options, spanning atmosphere science/meteorology and Earth sciences.

Students graduating with a bachelor’s degrees will possess knowledge and analytical skills in topics related to atmospheric chemistry, aerosols, climatology, lightning, severe weather, radar, hydrology, GIS & semote sensing, and land use, and will be well-prepared to continue into a graduate degree or enter their selected career field. For those students seeking GIS knowledge and skills outside of a bachelor's degree, the Department of Atmospheric and Earth Science also offers an undergraduate certificate in GIS and Remote Sensing. 

Atmospheric & Earth Science, BS - Atmospheric Science & Meteorology Concentration

Students will learn about weather analysis and predictability, climate and global change, the circulation of the atmosphere relating to weather systems and their impact on the Earth, air quality, and other atmospheric processes that affect us. This is an interdisciplinary field of study that combines the components of physics and chemistry that focus on the structure and dynamics of Earth’s atmosphere. Mathematical tools, such as differential equations and vector analysis, and computer systems are used to evaluate the physical and chemical relations that describe the workings of the atmosphere.

Atmospheric & Earth Science, BS - Earth System Science Concentration

Earth systems science embraces biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, and applied sciences to transcend disciplinary boundaries to treat the Earth as an integrated system. It seeks a deeper understanding of human interactions that determine the past, current and future states of the Earth. Earth System science provides a holistic view for understanding the world in which we live and upon which humankind seeks to achieve sustainability. It is the study across both the natural and social sciences, including ecology, economics, geography, geology, meteorology, sociology, and more.

GIS & Remote Sensing Undergraduate Certificate

Atmospheric and Earth Science offers an undergraduate GIS & Remote Sensing Certificate.  A set of five undergraduate courses (15 credits) will introduce students to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and prepare students for careers directly in the GIS field, geospatial intelligence with remote sensing, or give them GIS experience as a supplemental technical skillset that can be applied across many disciplines and career fields. Given the popularity of GIS-based remote sensing and geospatial analysis in the Huntsville Area and across the U.S., the undergraduate certificate will also prepare students to recognize patterns and apply that information to larger processes.

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