College of Science Joint Undergraduate Master's Program

The Joint Undergraduate and Master's Program (JUMP) is an excellent opportunity to obtain an undergraduate and graduate degree in a shorter time frame. Typically it takes 4 years for an Undergraduate Degree and 2 years for a graduate degree. 
With the JUMP program, students planning on getting a master's degree (MS) can get started while finishing a bachelor's degree (BS).  It's a great bargain since, as an undergraduate, you take graduate-level courses (and get graduate-level credit) but pay undergraduate class prices. Plus, no entrance exam like the GRE, no application fee, and you get to double-count your classes (for BS and MS).

For more information, check out the UAH JUMP page

Atmospheric Science

JUMP from BS in Earth System Science to MS in Earth System Science

JUMP from BS in Earth System Science to MS in Atmospheric Science

Biological Sciences

JUMP from BS in Biology to MS in Biology


JUMP from BS in Chemistry to MS in Chemistry

Computer Science

JUMP from BS in Computer Science to MS in Computer Science

Mathematical Sciences

JUMP from a BS in Mathematics to MS in Mathematics


JUMP from a BS in Physics to MS in Physics.